I will channel your deceased loved one

channel your deceased loved one
channel your deceased loved one

About This Gig

***This gig is for connecting to ONE deceased loved only.

You provide me the name of your deceased loved one and I will use my ability of Channeling to bring you a message of peace and love.

I will use clairaudience & clairvoyance to guide me in connecting.
Reading will be delivered using automatic writing (typing). I can not guarantee how much they will share or specifics as I can not control how much your loved one will share. The deceased will often send me symbols or photos in my third eye. Other times they will speak to me and repeat a name or message over and over to me. I will do my best to relay the message to you as best as I can.  I am simply the Medium and the message is for you to interpret and find clarity in it.

Remember, the Other Sides knows the situations around us. Sometimes messages are not directly for you but for you to pass on to someone in your family as well.  So think of your spouse and his/her family as well when reflecting on the message.  Often times people don't "remember" until they think about the message they get for a day or so. I can not guarantee any specific results from the Other Side.

 ***For entertainment purposes only

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