I will create a powerful Video Sales Letter, VSL presentation

Had a great experience. Exceeded my expectations. I'll definitely order with Andy again.
Reviewed by rhys5690 6 months ago
Andy did a fantastic job. And very fast! Well definitely use this seller for other projects.
Reviewed by gvdude 12 months ago
Thanks Andy, great job!
Reviewed by toddjax about 1 year ago
create a powerful Video Sales Letter, VSL presentation
create a powerful Video Sales Letter, VSL presentation
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About This Gig

So you wrote your script and got it voiced. Now its time for the VIDEO!

Your video doesn't need to contain complex animation to be effective.  A clear message and relevant images is all that's needed.

Our simple yet powerful video creation workflow means your video will communicate your core message clearly and delivers results

*** $5 per 33 words ***


Music = $10  *Select any soundtrack on audioblocks dot com*

Highlight specific words with a highlight color or bold = $5 per 5 highlights


    •    3 day Express = $30
    •    2 day Express = $50

Supply your own OR chose from 1000's of fully licensed stock images from depositphotos dot com = $5 extra per image

$5 per 2 image insertions

What do you need to order?

Your script.

If you want to include images, see above.
(Be sure to clearly outline when images should be displayed.)

Choose a text and background color and you're ready to go!

The video will be synced in time with your voice over, just like the one here on the page.

Your video will be sent in 720p HD resolution.
1080p not available sorry.

Please message for a QUOTE before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is voice over included?
    No, this gig is for the production of a video sales letter only. You need to supply your completed voice over for integration with the video.
  • Can you match the style of a video if I send you a link?
    No, the style offered is limited to what you see in the demo video. Variable offered are: Background Colour (supply your # hex colour code or image file for colour reference.) Text Colour (supply your # hex colour code or image file for colour reference.) Font (Message to see the options.)
  • Can you create a script for me?
    No, this gig is for the video portion of your video sales letter. You need to write your script, get it voiced and supply the completed voice over.
  • Can you do highlight colours and formatting like bolding?
    Yes this is offered, at additional cost. See the gig description for details. Note: You need to indicate on your script what text to bold or highlight.