I will make VBA program, Excel formulas, automation, exporting etc

make VBA program, Excel formulas, automation, exporting etc

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Description Beginners Intermediate Expert
  1 Single Problem (Say sorting, formatting, exporting) or Formula Solving 2-3 problems which may have interconnection b/w each other (Say formatting then exporting) Solving all the problems in a workbook including dashboards/reports generation or complex formulas
Number of Macros
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About This Gig

I have been developing VBA application from past couple of years. I have been solely working on Excel and VBA. I have also recently started training new folks in it. I have worked with creating a dashboard from scratch, to generating reports and making these reports automated i.e. on a single click all the data moves to their required location. I know almost all formulas and shortcuts of Excel by heart.
What can I offer you:

- Formatting: Excel or through VBA.

- Creating/Modifying Formulas - Want me to create/modify formula without affecting workflow.

- Forms Control: Button, Drop Downs, Check boxes, etc.

- Event Triggers: I nick name these as "Trigger functions". Want something to happen as soon as workbook is opened/closed or when the value of particular cell is changed?

- Fetching Data: You want to fetch data from another workbook or sheet? Or from MS Access DB?

- Sending Emails: You want Excel to send emails to you once your task is complete informing that everything is perfect. You got it boss.

- Web Scrapping: Be warned, I won't be using it for any illegal or wrong purpose. Please contact before ordering for this.

- You want something else? Contact and ask! Expect fast response!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What would happen if there is/are any bug in your deliverables?
    First of all, chances are very less of it happening but since all of us are humans, I will fix them free of cost and it won't count in your revision.
  • I don't understand which pacakge my problem will come under. Can you help?
    Sure, just message me with what you want and I will guide you further. In fact, I recommend this for everyone!
  • I want even a much faster delivery then what you mentioned in gig Extra. Is it possible?
    Depending on the complexity of task and my schedule, this may or may not be possible. Tell me before ordering that what timeline you're looking for and what task you want me to accomplish till then.
  • Can you work with other MS products like Word, Powerpoint and provide intergration with Excel?
    Yes, I can.
  • What if you cannot solve my problem?
    I am not over-confident to say that I can solve every problem. So if I can't solve your problem in rare cases, I will give a full refund. However, usually I ask my fellow VBA colleagues (I have a small network) in such cases and even if they can't solve it then I will provide full refund.
  • I want you to work with me on an on-going basis? Is this possible?
    Yes, I can but I have a very tight schedule so if you're hoping that I will work with you full time then it won't be most probably possible. For part-time works, we can discuss something.
  • I have a problem which is not listed anywhere. What should I do?
    Hit the contact button. Fiverr doesn't provide you messaging for no reason. :D
  • Which version of Excel do you use?
    I use Excel 2013. Although, most of my work will be compatible with other Excel versions as well.