I will do Amaizing testimonial for $5

do Amaizing testimonial
do Amaizing testimonial
Excellent work Angela, love it :D
Reviewed by kacmalan almost 2 years ago
She does EXCELLENT videos, and delivers on time. Everything I asked for she completed and more. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.
Reviewed by desiredinc about 2 years ago
Very nice! Your accent is so sweet!
Reviewed by deanvoelker about 2 years ago
Great work. Speedy, polite and professional. Will buy from her again. Recommended.
Reviewed by marcuskl about 2 years ago
do Amaizing testimonial
do Amaizing testimonial

About This Gig

I`m here to do a Professionally Video Testimonial for your product,company,name or anything that you want.Feel free to contact me on message for anything.

Video Details ($5) include:

  • English video
  • 1 minute length video
  • Casual Clothes

Extra Gig`s: (dollars, negotiable)

  • Wearing any outfit (Elegant,sport,casual or any) (+5$) 
  • A green background(+5$)
  • Speak German or Spanish (+5$)

  • A background will be any photo that you want(i do it with CHROMACY(+10$))
  • A background will be any video that you want(+10$)

  • More then 1 minute length (+5$)
  • Recording on Nature (+5$)
  • Recording on Backyard (+5$)
  • Hold a sign (+5$)
  • Write your script (+5$)
  • During the vido,appears any photo writing logo or anything,that has to do with the content of a video
  • Can associate to the video any picture, writing, logo
    • 2 pictures syncronized +5$, 4 pictures +10$. and so on..
    • 2 writing while i speak it appers in any part of the screen +5$,4 writing+10$,and so on
    • 1 logo +5$
    • 1  photo appears in my hand while i speak about it +10$
  • Be blondy hair +5$