I will hand letter the words of your choice, fast and quality

Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by cy00ie about 2 months ago
Making a gift for my best friend. This was fast, lovely, and exactly what I was hoping for!
Reviewed by jannisthemannis 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by ruskel 3 months ago
Making t-shirts for a band! Wanted a quick, fun logo. Mission accomplished!
Reviewed by dmcswine 4 months ago
Angelina did an amazing job and puts so much love and effort into her work! Thank you, Angelina!!!
Reviewed by wooton7777 5 months ago
hand letter the words of your choice, fast and quality

About This Gig

Updated October 2016

In need of a super quick and cheap lettering commission? Your search ends here!
I will letter any words of your choice:

- In monochrome
- On quality A4 copy paper
- Send you a high res scan of your piece

Quick, quality, and totally awesome. Did I also mention 100% unique?

This is inexpensive and an amazing way to commission hand lettered works. I love doing this because it really makes me think creatively and gain good experience working under pressure. Thank you for checking out my shop!

Check out the FAQ below for any answers to questions you may have!

Order Details

High Res Scan Package

- 600 DPI scan - Monochrome - Up to ten words - 48-hour delivery

  • High Resolution
  • 1 Figure
2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't find an answer to my question in this FAQ.
    Feel free to message me, and I'll answer as soon as I can. No purchase pressure guaranteed!
  • Where can I find more samples of your work?
    Aside from the pictures on Fiverr, I can also send you some images of previous works I've done. I also regularly post on Instagram @leagueoflettering, so you can also check that out for lots of examples and possibly inspiration!
  • Can you create my commission in color?
    For an additional $5, I can letter your commission in color! For colored pieces, you can choose between watercolor or markers for me to letter with. Just choose the gig add-on for color. *Choosing color will add an extra day to the delivery date. **Can't change monochrome to color, or vice versa
  • Will I be provided with a rough draft? Revisions?
    I will provide a rough draft before inking your commission. This is when you can make revisions–after this stage, revisions are not allowed, so make sure it's perfect! If you want to upgrade your piece to color after ordering, this is also when you should mention it.