I will format your print book for Createspace or Lightning Source

format your print book for Createspace or Lightning Source
format your print book for Createspace or Lightning Source
format your print book for Createspace or Lightning Source
pdf page as image

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Description Clean and Simple Jazz it Up As You Wish
  Limited design options include trim size, serif or sans serif fonts. More font choices, drop caps or all cap scene and chapter starters, etc. Custom designs for scene breaks, chapters, page numbers, etc.
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About This Gig

I created this gig because I know the pain of trying to format and convert your document to meet certain printer specifications. I primarily work with Lightning Source/Ingram Spark and Create Space, but if you're working with another printer, feel free to message me.

I will format and convert your book into a printable pdf file that meets printer specifications. Packages go from the very basic (let's get this cleaned up, professional and printable) to the very custom. If you have any questions about what you're wanting to do, feel free to message me.

I work primarily with Word for formatting, and you'll get the adjusted file back when I'm done, along with any additional formats you ordered.

I also offer ebook formatting, and have a gig for cover creation.

Thanks for considering me, and as always, feel free to message me with any questions or concerns you  might have!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you work with files other than Word (.doc or .docx)?
    Not generally. If you have a need, feel free to message me to see what I can do, but generally speaking, I work with Word for all formatting.
  • Do you format ebooks?
    Yes, I can also format ebooks. You can purchase the basic gig if that's the only thing you want done, or choose an extra. Ebooks can be formatted in Word or turned into an .epub. I keep ebook formatting simple so it translates easily onto the different platforms.
  • What about cover designs?
    I have a separate gig for cover designs if you want everything to go through me. The reason I keep them separate is because you have the option of adding the images add on. Currently, I'm charging $30 for an ebook only cover, $50 for a print only cover, and $65 for both.
  • I'm sending you my files... you're not going to steal my book, are you?
    Absolutely not! I'm an author, myself, and I know what it takes to go through all that hard work, and how it feels for others to misuse it for their own personal gain. That is not who I am. Once a gig is approved, I will delete the files I received, so please hold on to everything.
  • Do you work with images?
    If your book has images (whether background images or pictorial elements, please contact me to discuss or for a custom quote.