I will prank call someone so you wont have to

prank call someone so you wont have to
prank call someone so you wont have to

About This Gig

The art of prank calling isn't easy. Your voice cracks, the person on the other end might recognize your voice, or you might just hear them and in an anticipation that the prank will be funny, you just burst out laughing before even speaking. 

Thats where I come in. 

With my imagination, cell phone, NYC attitude, and language skills I will: 
  • Prank call anyone English or in Spanish (and a little bit of Italian)
  • If they don't pick up, I'll leave a voicemail...or two. 
  • I won't reveal that you ordered me to prank them (unless you'd want me to
  • If you want me to just call and breathe into the phone, or just yell "La Chupacabra" over and over...I can do that too. 

Please remember... This is for fun, so funny calls or quirky themes are best. Therefore, No Mean Prank Calls! (you'll have to do those on your own) 

If you'd like any ideas for pranking someone here are a few:

  1. I yell something that annoys them over and over and over again until they hang up
  2. Classic lines like "is your refrigerator running"
  3. Pretending that they're in trouble with the law (for an offense they're paranoid about or a ticket they paid/didn't pay)