I will give you a 10 min psychic reading

give you a 10 min psychic reading

About This Gig

From my 20+ years of giving professional psychic readings, I have learned to establish a connection  between you, me and the collective conscious. This allows me to give a solid accurate reading. I am just as amazed as you are.The start time of the reading will only begin after I know that a solid connection is established. I do not like to take your time because your time is valuable to me.

Every reading is personal and unique to the individual being read, and I will always be straightforward and honest about what I view and hear.  

I have done many successful readings in person, over the phone, over chat or text, and even over the radio! I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with your reading or I will give you a full refund! My primary purpose is to give you accurate information. When I look out over your future I check for negative emotional energy bursts.(Simular to fast forwarding a video) and major emotional shifts. I push to see the final out come (Is it beneficial to you?) and If not I tell you what I see, we change it just by discussing it. After establishing the accuracy(I know that I am reading you) You can ask questions.

Order Details

4 days delivery

10 minutes for $5

I will give you a 10 minute psychic reading. Choose Tarot, Clairvoyant or Both.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I ask my questions?
    First I must establish my connection with you before you ask questions. Because I am going to ask small, unrelated questions to make sure I have established a connection with YOU instead of someone or something else.