I will edit and workshop 500 words worth of your POETRY

edit and workshop 500 words worth of your POETRY

About This Gig

I will workshop and provide feedback for  500 words (approx. 2 pages' worth) of your own original poems, providing general and specific feedback, including impressions, praise, constructive criticism, and more! My goal isn't to tear your work apart, but to help you achieve the result that you desire!  You can send as many poems as you like, and I am willing and eager to read and workshop full manuscripts and other long orders. Please message me about large orders for pricing and delivery times.

I will be happy to workshop whatever type of poetry that you compose, whether you deal in sonnets, haiku, cinquain, pandoum, freeverse, or whatever else.

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5 days delivery

Poetry Workshop

Critique for 2 pages of poetry, with specific notes about style, word choice, and much more.

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This Package includes 500 words. For each additional 500 words, the price is $5.