I will release Cords, Hooks, Attachments and Soul Fragments

release Cords, Hooks, Attachments and Soul Fragments

About This Gig

Hooks, Cords and Attachments are energetic attachments that form between people that disrupt our emotional and physical bodies and entire energy field. These cords keep people stuck in unhealthy patterns and drain them completely. This gig will not only clear these cords but the emotions attached as well.

Attachments are a stronger form of a hook or cord. When there has been deeply rooted emotions (neg. or pos.) the person literally has a form of its soul attached to you and you to them.  This is why when a relationship ends years later you still have negative thoughts/emotions connected to them. This drains our psyche on every level and blocks us in many ways in life. By releasing and removing these connections, frees you to be more contained in your full soul essence; more empowered within. Your overall well being and energy levels to restored to a more balanced state of wholeness.

** The initial gig is to balance out your energy body and Chakras. The releasing of hooks and cords is a separate gig By using a unique combination of "DNA Theta", "Holographic Re-Patterning", and "Merkabah Clearing", profound results are created! Be sure to add-on the desired clearing during check-out.