I will provide DNA Activation or Activate and Open Your Psychic Senses

One of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. Angyll444 took great time and care to make sure of this! A very beautiful, genuine soul that is such a blessing!
Reviewed by lmichele118 8 days ago
I have the honor of meeting a beautiful soul, a lightworker, a healer and a guide. She kept working on my spiritual growth until I reached my auric balance and the integration of my DNA, ... May the light of the universe shine stronger on you, so you can continue to uplift others like me. Namaste.
Reviewed by harmony19 7 days ago
A beautiful experience and delivered with tender love and care! Blessings!
Reviewed by lmichele118 13 days ago
Thank you so so so very much. You are one of the loveliest people I've ever had the privilege of knowing Fiverr gigs don't get better than this. So much time and effort goes into this gig, worth every penny and more. Many blessings to you
Reviewed by misscmw1 about 2 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by shel124 about 2 months ago
Great Experience. I could feel what was happening. Now only time will tell how i'm going to see the effects. Thanks angyl :)
Reviewed by k4kush 3 months ago
Seller is an amazing person, provide useful insight and did an absolutely brilliant work. Highly Recommended 5 Stars Plus.. God Bless You...
Reviewed by mrshah 3 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by sovereignspirit 4 months ago
It was a great experience will be back lol
Reviewed by bella_luna 5 months ago
Outstanding Experience!
Reviewed by diptiarora 5 months ago
Interesting experience, thank you!
Reviewed by happywhitemagic 5 months ago
I was very happy with these sessions. I would definitely recommend to others! Everything was very professional and I can really tell a difference after each session! thanks!
Reviewed by mere25 5 months ago
excellent service
Reviewed by bspatil888 5 months ago
amazing experience. instant feeling of the work and energy being received and soooooo very positive .
Reviewed by elsabrown 6 months ago
Very well guided, and clear. It was outstanding as I felt really relaxed and good, the affects take place immediate and now I have a lot of good things to look forward too!
Reviewed by plusnplay 8 months ago
Thank you so much:),really good gig!
Reviewed by efastromberg 8 months ago
That was so nice! i appreciate your work a lot!! i felt the first changes immediately, could dream better and stay with the energys now in my center :). Im now excited about the endresults! - angyl444 is a highly advisable seller. Thank you for the nice work! :)
Reviewed by thearrival 8 months ago
Thank you so much for your time and help! I am excited
Reviewed by patriciafulton 8 months ago
Very responsive and reassuring, Thank you so much :D
Reviewed by ageron 9 months ago
It was really fun working with Angyl! Mine was a 2 day session and I know it's working because I've been extremely tired esp. today. .Thanks again dear, more blessings to you :-)
Reviewed by peachflower 9 months ago
provide DNA Activation or Activate and Open Your Psychic Senses
provide DNA Activation or Activate and Open Your Psychic Senses
provide DNA Activation or Activate and Open Your Psychic Senses

About This Gig

DNA Activation

Provides you with greater mental clarity, increased levels of youth and vitality energy and a overall sense of complete wholeness and wellness within.  This is not a process to be taken as lightly as it is very, very powerful and will create a incredible effect, however subtle, very

Activating your Psychic Senses;

Will amplify your intuitiveness and psychic tremendously!  Opening all of your senses to greater heights and levels, you will be seeing from "new" eyes, feeling from a higher level of awareness and consciousness. If you have been seeking to increase your level of connection with angels, spirit or spirit world, enhancing your own intuitive abilities, than this is a must-do for you!  This activation will bring about powerful abilities and increase your awareness of how psychic you truly are.  It will advance your dormant abilities by removing blockages and bring you to an heightened state rapidly.

*** Please Note *** The "initial gig" is to properly prepare you on all levels, clearing & re-aligning your "energy" bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, & etheric bodies) as well as all Chakras prior to receiving your requested Activation. 

Order Details

Activations Preparation

Initial Gig - Holographic Re-Patterning, DNA Theta, and Merkaba Clearing to prepare Etheric Bodies

3 days delivery