I will promote your app or game tremendously

promote your app or game tremendously
promote your app or game tremendously

About This Gig

Hello Fiverr Buyers!!
Welcome to King Land Promoting Service.

If you’re from the small businesses and entrepreneur pool, having just launched your prized race horse app or game and ready to market it, but being held back due to a budget restriction, this fiverr gig is for you.

I’ve gathered over 15 million people in google communities that will let you market your app just right, so that it gets a nice spot on the app store and sets you on the road to success.

This Gig is:

  • 100% Guarantee- No Bots
  • 100% Proofing- Screenshots Video
  • 100% Satisfied- Real Visitors

Order now and Let’s get to it then!!!

I don't give guarantee about install/reviews because I drop the link to over 15 million real people in google communities so visiting a link depends community members. It's not in my hands and i cant force them to install/reviews your app. Honestly, If your app is helpful and interesting people would give attention.

Another thing is i don't give fake install and reviews.

Thanks again and looking forward to work with you:)

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