I will user test any website or app and give a full feedback report

user test any website or app and give a full feedback report
user test any website or app and give a full feedback report

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Description Basic Package Standard Package Premium Package
  I will test your website, using a desktop. Providing a full feed back report. I will test your website, using a desktop. With this package I will include annotated screenshots. The premium package, covers 15 pages, and will provide a complete feedback report.
Test Desktop
Seller will test your site/product in a desktop environment (see specifics in description).
Summary Report
Seller will provide a written report highlighting issues and providing recommendations regarding the UX of the site/product.
Test Scenario
Seller will follow a specific test scenario provided by you (e.g. registration, adding product to cart, searching etc.).
Annotated Screen Shots
Seller will add annotated screenshots highlighting specific issues in your site/product.
Test Mobile
Seller will test your site/product in a mobile environment.
Screen Recording Time (Min.)
Seller will record his screen and audio while testing your site/product ( minimum recording time).
Pages Tested
Number of pages/screens of your site/product the seller will test.
5 10 15
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 1 1
Delivery time

About This Gig

I will user test a website using a mobile device and desktop. I will test using any scenario's provided. I will also return a full report, including annotated screenshots, as well as advice on website management/ layout. (Feedback reports are usually 1-3 typed pages, which summarize my experience task by task or page by page.)

What I will be testing.
- Layout and aesthetics
- Links
- Features
- Submission Forms
- Load speeds
- Accessibility
- Overall Feel, and thoughts on future features which could be beneficial.

-I will also provide some SEO advise if I pick out anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • On average how long does it take?
    I'm currently a university student, so I can only do these tests in my spare time. However I always try my best to complete within first day of order, and most likely will.
  • What does basic package offer?
    Well the basic package offers a user test, and a full feedback report. The feedback report is usually in depth and would be anywhere from 1-3 pages, depending on the experience. I also provide advise on items I believe should ether be changed or added to give the user the ultimate experience.
  • What do the other packages offer?
    Both of the other packages offer just a more well rounded approach to testing. However if you're not interested in having a tester just record themselves browsing your site or app, I do recommend the basic package which presents the same information + more in the form of a feedback report.