I will make your writing stand out

make your writing stand out

About This Gig

As a professional writer, I can confidently edit and proofread your work. I will take your ideas and make them stand out and look strong on paper by fixing awkward sentences, grammar and spelling mistakes. I will be the fresh pair of eyes your work needs, as I completely understand that when looking at the same document for days on end it becomes a blur in front of you.  My goal is to make whatever it is you are writing beautiful and reach it's full potential!

I will leave all track changes on so that you can see what I have done.  I'm a very fast writer, and just starting out on this website and will be able to shape my expectations and word count with experience.

So far I've noticed that it makes the most sense to do one order for every 1000 words.  Just send me a message and we can make something work :)