I will send Reiki healing for 20 minutes

send Reiki healing for 20 minutes
send Reiki healing for 20 minutes

About This Gig

buy a 01h Reiki Session and get a FREE Chakra reading (on the 1st session)

reiki is..
universal life force energy.. an ancient gift from above.. radiates from out the hands.. applied to each one with love.. we're but the channel.. to help the body mend.. is not us who stand as healers.. is the energy we send.. our reiki hands stand ready.. for what service they may do.. for when we're helping others.. we feel a healing too :) 

reiki is for everyone. reiki is guided by a higher consciousness, it always knows what a person needs and will adjust to create an effect that is appropriate. reiki masters have the ability to send this energy to anyone, any where at any time. the practitioner cannot direct the healing, they are simply channels for healing. while reiki is spiritual, it is not a religion. it has no dogma and there is nothing you must believe in order to learn or use it.

know that, when you buy 01h of Reiki from me, I save that hour FOR YOU only.. and the healing is done as a therapy in presence. 

is recommended a minimum of 3 sessions, but you may purchase only 1 gig to see how you feel receiving this energy.. I just need your first name :) any questions please ask.. thank you!