I will connect you with your pet who has passed on for $5

connect you with your pet who has passed on
connect you with your pet who has passed on

About This Gig

Hi, I'm Anni.

The death of a dear pet is a devastating loss that is only worsened by our daily routines becoming a constant reminder of the void that exists. Pets often become excellent little guardian angels in their own right, and their departure and our disconnected grief affects them, too. 

I can connect with your pet in a way that brings joy and relief to both of you. Often when I do readings and connections for pets, the pets will immediately have something they want to say to you. One pet, Malcolm, who I never met in person, showed me an orange toy and asked me to tell his owner to PLEASE throw it down the hall. I described the toy to the owner via email and she replied, “Yep, you just described his most favorite toy and activity!”

Losing a pet really hurts, but learning a few simple things will have you transcending your pain, resolving the daily routine voids and moving forward with joy, in a way you never realized was possible. You'll also be honoring your pet in a way that fulfills them, too. It’s a tool you’ll never forget and use the rest of your life.