I will be your Virtual Lady Computer technician

be your Virtual Lady Computer technician

About This Gig


Hi reader,

Do you ever need the assistance of an adept in Tech field? Do you find some tasks really challenging to overcome ? Are you sometimes in haste to get Virtual help ASAP?

Today I present myself to you as your Virtual Lady Comp technologist. I'll be fixing issues professional and perfectly both related to PC ( Personal Computer ) and Smartphone. 

Things i can do :

WordPress :
Landing Page Creation
Linking with Any Auto-responder
Fix any Problem
Create Custom Fields
Develop WordPress sites


I'll help Protect/Remove : 

  • Virus /Malware / Spyware.
  • OS reloading
  • Remote repairs
  • Security softwares
  • Installation
  • Cleaning 

  • 24/7 Service helpline


  • Setup 
  • Configuration
  • Fixing problems
  • Security 

EXTRA: The Sky is not the limit to the service I'm about rendering.