I will do your IoT Application

do your IoT Application
do your IoT Application
do your IoT Application

About This Gig

Your IoT project solution addressed on one stop gig here. This service you can ask for a part of your project to be solved or more parts or even whole project.

In Wireless domain, from BLE, RF and WiFi, designing hardware for it, developing firmware on top of it, like these service are offered in this gig. NRF51, NRF52 Series or TI 2560, NRF24XX or ESP wifi, or any other industry standard SoC, SOM, chips and firmware solution will be delivered to you in this gig.

On web development aspect, solution on mobile platform for android , ios clients application and web app are offered. Basic and simple approach is employeed always and protocols like MQTT, CoAP is used as publisher or client wherever it is neccessary.

treat me as your IoT Project pal as well, i can assist you to get your IoT project done by yourself even in case you are just starting from scratch or have no idea how to do it.

Order Details

5 days delivery

Your IoT Application, Solution

Hardware Design, Firmware, Software, web end for you IoT Project

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Want my sensor data from sensor device to my android phone, ios phone app. Will you do it?
    Yes, contact me! I can get this done for your exiting or new Application.
  • Need to have a small sensor device which updates data on my web page, which i want to access from anywhere. Will you do it?
    Yes, If it is RF based sensor, BLE based sensor, or WiFi based sensor, will get your data out from sensosor to your web page. i can get this done for you or the whole project even. Contact me with your details of the project.
  • Do you have any experience with BLE?
    I have more than 2 years of experience in developing BLE based IoT products and thier prototypes. You ask any sensor with BLE, or streaming live feed out from BLE device, i will do it for you.
  • Can you integrate MQTT based IoT project?
    Yes. I can provide you Android client Application, client firmware on your device, sensor. Can handle server for broker. Can get your target sensor as publisher as well, both on firmware and software aspect. Contact me.