I will give you a workshop to empower your job search

give you a workshop to empower your job search

About This Gig

When you are job hunting, it is not only about writing a great resume and acing your interviews. It’s also about using your time well and giving yourself what you need to stay in the game. This workshop is personal and looks at how you keep yourself going during what can be a stressful time and how you can focus your efforts on creating a career that makes you happy.

The workshop includes:

·      A 16 page power point and two activities addressing how to deal with things that drain your energy as well as how to get started in finding work that makes you happy.

·      An 8 page activities workbook to carry on the learning that addresses using your time well, living in the present moment, finding the things that fuel you and finding your passion. It also includes a reading list to support an empowered job search.

Extra Gig 

For $10.00 I will answer one e mail that includes any questions you have after you complete the workshop and/or workbook.


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