I will give advice, guide on love, soulmate, relationship and compatibility reading


About This Gig

Want to know how compatible you & the other person is, be it for love, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or business partner?

Need love advice, relationship advicecounseling? Is he/she your soulmate?
flirt, friend, lover or partner?

Or you have been in & out of many relationships & none work out fine?
Single, Need cupid help, or dating advice? Should you turn friendship into marriage?

Is the relationship about communication, support, network, & interactivity?
Do you relate, support & complement each other? True partner?

Or is it a challenging combination with obstacles, stress & aggression?
Do you argue, quarrel, have lots of frictionlots of impatiencecontrol over each
other? Divorce awaits?

Relationship Advice: Find true love, companionship & happiness with your partner through 
your personality & achieve life long bliss. 

I will decode the different personalities & how they relate or are compatible to each other.

horoscope compatibility? No need for horoscope, tarot, astrology, compatibility test but
simply your birth date.

I will profile your relationship & compatibility index based on both your Birth Date &
your partner Birth Date.

Know your Relationship Profile & Compatibility Index.