I will analyse and improve your health, be healthy and how to discover hidden symptoms


About This Gig

Health Profile for Better management of Health

Do you know which parts of your body or organs need extra attention or in danger of 
failing or cancerous, with or without symptoms?

Need to improve on your healthcare, or mental health? Be Healthy.

I will analyse your current health profile, and identify any potential health risk,
health problems or issues.

I will give you tips on how to improve on your Healthcare problem areas, and how to take care of it.
Remedies for improve health.

Know the health risk & the missing elements in your health. A means
to check & have a form of management of your health and possibly prevent or
manage any health issues as they may arise.

Different elements produce or support different organs & symptoms. Likewise, these 
elements may also control or weaken the organs & results in various negative health

Discover any potential health risks and unknown symptoms in your body. Know if you have
potential cancer, heart attack, or bypass problems.

Your Health should be profiled annually.

Live a healthy life and healthy living. Know the Remedies for Health.

I will advice you on your health profile based on your Date of Birth.

Know your Health Profile. Stay Healthy