I will help you in setup and starting a business, find grants and funding

About This Gig

Starting a business, here in Singapore?
Starting your own business, and need to know how to go about doing it here in Singapore?

You can get the information on business license, acra singapore, and how to setup
the business and the steps to start a business.

Business ideas, or new business ideas to start a company in Singapore?

Company Setup/Company Registration:
Start a business, or Starting a small businessin Singapore?
We include the process and steps including:
1) Basic Requirements on company registration,
2) Documents needed on how to start a company, or how to register a business here in Singapore

All the necessary steps to starting a business, and owning your own business, or even Starting an online business in Singapore.
We can help you with the entire process.

A document containing all the necessary steps, in words and graphical format will be included.

As a bonus, a market trend and company trend of 2014 will also be included.

Optional: Find all Grants, Get Grants and Funding Singapore.

Business Grants, Government Grants, Government Funding
Grant & Funding ranging from $20,000 to as much as $2,000,000

Please ask all the necessary questions of whats included in the gig before you buy.