I will call your company to ensure good customer service

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Reviewed by atmnets over 2 years ago
call your company to ensure good customer service

About This Gig

I'm going to pretty much call your business and be THAT customer to your employee's
Let's see how they deal with;

Foreign People who know little English

Senior Citizens

Children !!!!!!

Crazy Ladies, of all nationalities (That's right y'all, I'm not racist, everyone gets an equal opportunity to be made fun of. . . . honorably of course .   ;P   )

Creepy Guys who have fetishes, or . . . . . mental disorders.

Let's make sure you're paying your employees for TOP NOTCH customer service, no matter what the scenario. 

For $5, I am just calling the company, and I will tell you the date and time I called.

 if you want more feedback and information, you will have to purchase extras. 

Please contact me for more details.