I will call your girl or guy and tell them their flaws

call your girl or guy and tell them their flaws

About This Gig

                                                           "Break it up Ladies!........."

             You know all those little annoying habits about your g/f or female friend. that just gets under your skin?? Or maybe they need to lose a lot of weight, during the relationship, and you fear for their health? Fear no more, tell me who and what they are and I will lay it all out for her in a nice, calm, caring, and friendly manner. I won't say it's from you (unless you want me to) and explain these traits only make her worse , not better. 

Tips & Info for you;

  • Please be kind,  ONE phone number/call per gig. UNLESS it's going to be a conference call.  
  • If the person doesn't answer, I will call them continuously until they do. 
  •  I also call from a private number. 
  • I won't leave a voice mail unless you instruct me to. 
  • I will never tell them this is a Fiverr gig unless you want me to. 

Please e-mail me for more questions or concerns.