I will master or mix your audio files

master or mix your audio files

About This Gig

Hello there, my name is Anthony Dulong. 

I'm here to help you master your audio tracks, whether it be a song, spoken word (speech) or anything else that you can possibly think of. I have a lot of experience in the music industry, and also have samples of songs that I've written and mastered myself available upon request. Any genre is welcome, but I specialize in Alternative Rock.

If you have isolated audio tracks and need them all mastered individually, or mixed together to create a song, I can also offer that service at an extra $5 per track. If you have one song already mixed, then I can simply do a single master on the track you provide.*

*Please note that the mastered product can only be as good as the track you've sent me. If the song is full of clicks and unwanted noise, the mastering process will be near impossible. If I am unable to work with the audio track provided, a full refund will be issued. 

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