I will write your message inside egg Yolk

Reviewed by chortonlsm 7 months ago
write your message inside egg Yolk
write your message inside egg Yolk

About This Gig

For $5, I shall carve or emboss your name, message, website name or slogan inside yummy rich egg yolk.

If the message is longer, I shall use two egg yolks image or I shall design it on the egg white.

For $5, Basic gig you will get:

  • 5 different varieties of Egg Yolk Pictures
  • All in High Resolution
  • Different Font
  • Logos can be added in the background or inside the Egg Yolk

For $10, Gig extra, You will get

  • 25 different varieties of High resolution Egg Yolk pictures with your Message.
  • Along with Original PSD if required.

Additional $5,

  • Easter Eggs
  • Golden Eggs in Nest

If the above two gig extras are purchased, 24 hours Express delivery is FREE plus Your message inside Golden Bar gig service also FREE .