I will be your music producer

be your music producer
be your music producer
be your music producer

About This Gig

I am producing Electronica, Vaporwave, Chillwave, Retro-synth, Cinematic/Orchestral Music, Hip Hop Instrumentals, Trap, EDM, Techno and most other styles of electronic music I do not produce and work with guitar based genres such as Metal, Rock etc... I provide Mixing and Mastering services too for your original track's or remixes 

I will do all the Producing, Mixing and Mastering all you need to do is sit back and relax and let it be done

I will have it done within 7 days or less 

Things you can do with Full Instrumental Service: 

Use it in your movie, game 
Use It in your youtube channel
Use it in your podcast 
Use it in your web series 
Play It in your DJ set 

Mixing Service:

Mix Your Vocals to your instrumental
Mix Your Instrumental Music
Master Your Music(Full High-Quality Master)

If you are a returning buyer I will provide one instrumental or mix FREE OF CHARGE!!!! 
If you have any question's DO NOT HESITATE! to contact me :)


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I Have Full Right's To The Instrumental
    Of COURSE!!! you have right's to all the music I produce for you or mix for you however if we come up with a deal in which you use my existing SoundCloud portfolio music then I will charge 20$ licensing fee and you will have the right for the instrumental to be played 10000 times
  • Do you provide mixing and mastering services for existing track's
    Yes I do :)
  • What is your delivery time
    within 7-days however, time to delivery usually takes less :)
  • Do you charge more for long track's
    Yes and No anything up to 20 minutes will be the same price but from 20 minutes there will be a 3 dollar increase per ten minutes