I will build a building on minecraft Xbox360

build a building on minecraft Xbox360

About This Gig

I will build or help build a building or structure on Minecraft xbox360. Depending on the size I will finish the building. If it is too large I may not be able to complete it in one or two sessions. This is based on survival mode which I play, but if your playing in creative it will take a lot less time. Some are very large and might require help with building materials. You mine, I'll build.
most buildings only take one session, unless they are very large. And if you can't play for a long period of time, or I can't.....I will finish it. 
Add me as a friend on xbox360. So you can see my map and the things I have built, or you can get an idea on things I have built, before you decided if you want me to build something for you. My screen name is Apoc37.
anything and everything I mine or make will be placed in a chest before I quit. It's your map. It belongs to you!

  • lighthouse, barn, pyramid, house, bridge, tower, tree house,  railway system with train station...etc.

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1 day delivery