About This Gig

Do you need to give a presentation, message, or advertisement? A speed drawing video will BRING TO LIFE your presentation!....... STEP 1: Get your script written, edited, and recorded. STEP 2: Send me the audio and text. STEP 3: $5 gets you a concept sketch (please note: this is a STILL IMAGE) delivered in a week,but Most likely (unless I'm slammed) I can get you the rough concept board in one day. .STEP 4: For the actual video, the rate is $400/minute for black and white marker drawing, $500/min ink and color, $450/minute for animation style pencil and ink, 900/minute for full illustration. Based on the length of the audio you provide (please have it done when you order), prorated and rounded to nearest $5. Filming/editing takes another week (rush processing is available for 50% more).