I will clean Aura,Chakras, remove Negative energy, Addictions, Pain

clean Aura,Chakras, remove Negative energy, Addictions, Pain

About This Gig

I will do Removal & Cleansing of Negative Energies,  Attachments, Addictions, Pains & Past Trauma from you, your Chakras, Aura and also do complete Aura, Chakra Cleansing & Activation.

Do you know that even after recovery you can still have past addiction and disease's roots within you. Because a disease also effects a person's Energy Body (Aura & Chakras) as well as Physical body,

So for having a better more powerful effective Healing, it’s highly recommended that you do have a session of Aura & Chakras cleansing. This Session includes Aura Cleansing and Cleaning, Balancing, Activation of All 7 Basic plus some Minor Chakras.

Ordering Basic plus Extra Gig, it would further include: Filling in Aura & Chakras with a Specific Color combination, placing a Special Symbol in all 7 Chakras plus Aura Energizing & Expansion.

Note you might feel some kind of Energy Flow as Sensations, Warmth, Vibrations & else. So have a few minutes break, drink some water and then continue.

You can order this session for your pets also.

Order this gig and get your Aura & Chakras to be fully cleansed and activated which will help you to be protected from negativity and other problems in future.