I will provide marine and reef aquarium advice/support/knowledge/tips

provide marine and reef aquarium advice/support/knowledge/tips

About This Gig

I have a business maintaining saltwater aquariums in homes and businesses. I have been in business for 5 years and I have been in the hobby for 15 which is a large portion of my life. I have never worked in any other industry except for the aquarium industry. I am experienced with ponds, freshwater aquariums, planted aquariums, saltwater fish tanks, reef tanks, keeping and caring for corals, fragging corals, growing corals for profit, seahorses, invertebrates, marine planted tanks and biotopes, nano reef tanks, etc. Can't keep fish alive for long? Does you fish have a parasites and that you can get rid of? Are you have an issue with green hair algae? Are your phosphates through the roof? Looking to setup a tank but don't know where to start? I CAN HELP! One Fiver gets you a 3 hour period in which I will answer anything aquarium related. This doesn't mean that I will be talking to you for 3 hours around the clock, but you will have 3 hours to ask me what you want to ask me.

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