I will send the audio files to open chakras

send the audio files to open chakras
send the audio files to open chakras

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About This Gig

Your vital resource is determined by how open your chakras. On how each of our chakras has opened, it depends its ability to provide us with a certain type of energy, the source of which is surrounding environment.

For example, the desire for wealth will remain as a desire, if your first chakra is slow active. You will have problems connected with communication with others as long as you could not get enough energy through the fifth chakra.

There are no people whose chakras are closed. The thing is, at what size, relative to the maximum possible potential, they are opened. If we take the maximum potential as 100%, then many chakras are opened around 20-40%.

That your life in many areas began to play with bright colors, it is necessary that the corresponding chakra provides you with the necessary energy.

After payment, you will receive the archive of 7 audio files.

The duration of each track is about 10 minutes.


Chakra 7 goo.gl/NiQ2iX
Chakra 6 goo.gl/PACn6u
Chakra 5 goo.gl/G5v6kU
Chakra 4 goo.gl/Hz21Yn
Chakra 3 goo.gl/Wi1ZNs
Chakra 2 goo.gl/EwMM5O
Chakra 1 goo.gl/XGXRlE