I will draw you or anyone else in my art style

draw you or anyone else in my art style
draw you or anyone else in my art style

About This Gig

Hello! My name is Sutsy!!

Here I will draw you in my cartoonish/anime sort of inspired art!
My style has grown over the years, I've started out drawing anime,
and then it slowly evolved into something a little cartoon-friendly!

I'll will draw you, a loved one, a celebrity, or even a character as i've done! It's really up to you. Each person is $5, so if you want an extra just pay another gig!!
Also, you can choose what pose, or send me a pose and i'll draw it based on the picture! You will also have to send me a picture of who you want me to draw, like a reference.  You also have a choice in what you or your other would wear, like search up a shirt- I'll draw it! Take a hogwarts' house uniform! Scarf or sweater, I'll draw it! Just tell me.
will do-
- humans
- aliens??? (such as slitheens from doctor who!)
- furries ( animals with human like features/bodies-humans with animal ears/tails)

will not do-
- mecha haha
- kissy couples
- animals
- anime

male characters do not belong to me!
Andrew Sameuls(c)trntbls
Time/DHMIS character design(c)Aishaneko
Kankri Vantas(c)Andrew Hussie 

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