I will accomplish a profitable trade in stock or forex or commodity


About This Gig

I sense you want to make money in the stock markets / Forex / Commodities market. 

I can guide you to make consistent profitable trades with my materials and technical analysis inputs. My trade guide would give you an insight on the trade you are going to do. I am not a person who encourages a trader to trade on blind Buy/Sell tips.

Just let me know the stock or currency or commodity that interests you, or even leave that exercise to me. I shall update you with a technical analysis report which you could read and understand before enter a trade.

I just need you to adhere to two principles in my trade -

  1. Patience - My analysis is usually based on a short term period (1-3 months). I expect you to be patient until the target is reached.
  2. Money - I advice to have sufficient money backup for the trades

I can take care of the rest. Happy Trading!!!