I will prepare customized technical analysis research report


About This Gig

Making money in markets is an art!

Let it be stocks or forex or commodities, making money consistently requires lot of home work and a synchronised mindset with the global markets. Then, the perspective of you viewing the markets would be different altogether.

Be not like a regular trader / investor who hears blindly to what others say. Know why you should Buy / Sell in the markets. Have a reason to Buy / Sell.

I will prepare a technical analysis research report on the stock or currency or commodity that you prefer to keep your hands on. You could make use of my inputs before you initiate a trade.

I just need you to adhere to two principles in my trade -

  1. Patience - My analysis is usually based on a short term period (1-3 months). I expect you to be patient until the target is reached.
  2. Money - I advice to have sufficient money backup for the trades

Happy Trading!!!