I will translate Russian, English, and Slovenian, any combo

translate Russian, English, and Slovenian, any combo
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  Translating basic texts, up to 500 words, simple phrases Translating longer, more complicated texts, CVs, some technical terminology The longest ad most complicated texts, poetry (lyrics), scientific texts
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About This Gig

I offer translation services for several language combinations. My specialty is literature, poetry and lyrics, but I also have ample experience when it comes to technical writing, CVs, marketing texts, medical literature, etc. Thanks to my sizeable vocabulary, perfect command of the grammar of all three languages I work with, and an unrelenting passion towards perfection, I make sure each one of my translations reads as if written by a native speaker.  What sets me apart as a translator is my ability to recognize the tone of voice used in the original text and match it to the translation. This is possible due to knowledge I obtaied in university, where I obtained a double degree in Russian and English completed in 2016.

My services are all tailored to meed the requirements and capabilities of my clients and I make sure that all points of our negotiations are covered in advance (fees, deadlines, etc.). I also make sure to be in constant contact with the customer in order to maintain the accuracy of the translation.

If the above sounds like high-flying boasting, try my service, and see for yourself! ;)