I will create an informative Whiteboard Explainer Video

Absolutely fantastic service and excellent video. It arrived in good time and just as described. I have to admit I was a bit of a picky customer as I had to make a couple of revisions which weren't due to the seller being at fault at all. They dealt with these efficiently and professionally with exceptionally fast turnaround.
Reviewed by charlottevdb 14 days ago
create an informative Whiteboard Explainer Video
create an informative Whiteboard Explainer Video
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About This Gig

As you might know, Whiteboard explainer videos had helped many companies to engage their audience the way they wanted to. So, why didn't you do it too? Don't waste your time! Order my gig and I will create it for you.

Read first before ordering!

What you'll get for $5
  • 720p HD Resolution Video
  • $5 per 100 words/40 seconds of video
  • No voiceover
  • Royalty-free background music & images/drawing
  • Any background colour
  • Unlimited revision until you satisfied (except voiceover)

Check out my EXTRAS
  • Synchronise the voiceover for you
  • Deliver your video in Full HD 1080p
  • Watermark your logo
  • Scriptwriting

How many do you need to order?
0-100 words = 1 gig
101-200 words = 2 gigs
201-300 words = 3 gigs
and so on......

  1. A written script is required in every order.
  2. If you order Scriptwriting, you're still required to send me the file of your ideas.
  3. Logo and website URL are optional.
  4. Voiceover file is required if you order voiceover sync.
  5. Background music and images are royalty-free (no custom images)
  6. If you wish to include your own music or pictures, please send me the files.
  7. MP4 will be the default file format unless requested.


Order Details


720p HD, 100 words, royalty-free background music & images, logo, background imagery

  • Up to 100 Words
  • 40 Seconds Running Time
  • Background Music
  • Background Imagery
  • Add Logo
6 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do the quantity of extras must be the same as the quantity of gigs?
    Yes, but it is only applied for voiceover sync. It means that if you buy 3 gigs with voiceover sync, the quantity of the sync must be 3 too. For other extras such as watermark and Full HD 1080p, only 1 is enough (but I would be pleased if you order more as a tip :D).
  • Do you offer videos other than English?
    Yes, but you have to contact me first.
  • Do you concern more on the time or the word count?
    Without voiceover, I will concern more on word count. With voiceover, I will concern more on time. Though, both of the word count and time shouldn't be too far apart.
  • What do I need to prepare before ordering?
    Written Script in Microsoft word format is required. Voiceover file in mp3 or in wav format (if you order voiceover sync), background music, website URL, your logo, image in HD etc. are optional.
  • Do you provide custom drawing/images?
    Unfortunately, no. I only use royalty-free images. However, if you want to include your own custom drawings, you can send the files and contact me so I can quote you the price.
  • For voiceover synchronisation, what files do I need to send to you?
    Voiceover file (recording) in mp3 or in wav format. If the script for voiceover is not the same as the main written script, you can send the voiceover script too.
  • Do you provide voiceover service?
    No, I only provide voiceover synchronisation service which needs voiceover from your side. But, this feature may come out soon in the near future.
  • Do you provide scriptwriting service?
    Yes, but you need to order an extra gig for it and it takes an extra one day. You still need to send your ideas to me so I know what to do.
  • What do unlimited revisions mean?
    As long as it is about the video (images, photos, graphics, etc) then the revision will always free of charge. When it comes to the script changing and or voiceover revision, it will no longer be free and you will be asked for extra charge.
  • What file format do you provide?
    MP4 will be used as default file format if you do not request other format.