I will compose an RPG adventure or scenario for your campaign

compose an RPG adventure or scenario for your campaign

About This Gig

You send me your setting, characters, goals, and a quick synopsis of your campaign so far. Please tell me any elements you want included, recurring themes or in-jokes, and the desired adventure type (Dungeon Crawl, Exploration, Intrigue, etc.)

I will weave for you the bones of an adventure, incorporating the themes you've provided and suited to your player characters. (If you have a party thief, I'll include locks or traps, wizards will have to uncover ancient secrets in even older tongues.)

This won't include rules specific elements, just the overlaying concepts of the adventure allowing flexibility for you to slip it into any system. I tell you the story and you translate it into an adventure.

If you add the $25 campaign gig, I'll make you an entire campaign! 8 adventures in total. The first and last of these will be particularly fleshed out with the details needed to get your players on their way and save the world. The 6 middle adventures will be loose guideposts, less detailed to allow for your players to wander without getting lost.

For commercial works, there is a $15 fee and please contact me prior to ordering.

Order Details

Single Adventure

A one session adventure for your new or established campaign

3 days delivery
Gig Paused