I will edit AUDIO for your education projects

edit AUDIO for your education projects

About This Gig

Depending on how severe the damage is will depend on much can be repairedPlease consult me first for a free quote before placing an order.

For this $5 gig I will repair up to 15 minutes of audio that you specify, for example:
  • Removing unwanted silences, words, stutters
  • Removal/minimisation of background hiss and hum
  • Removal/minimisation of clicks and pops
If you need more work done please contact me first to determine which gig extra to purchase
I charge the prices I do, because I do this professionally and with my extensive experience in both the fields of audio and music, I insist on delivering a high quality end result to my clients both here on Fiverr and in the outside world. When you order with me, you know that you will get what you want, and if you are not happy with it, I will continuously work through it until you are satisfied. No excuses. That is the standard that I provide my clients everywhere. If you would like something done cheaply with quality not being the highest priority, then please, feel free to look past this and go to one of the more cheaper sellers. I don't require to be tipped. I provide a service that you've paid for.