I will be very grateful to you

be very grateful to you
be very grateful to you

About This Gig

Hi there! let me tell you about me, I'm a guy who wish to be a successful person in the life, and ever try to  work very hard to reach my goals, however, the life is uncertain about the future, and you can't know what will happen, I live with my aunt, and some months ago she was unenployed, that affect our lifes a lot, but most importantly, thet turned my future even more uncertain, I  had to do everything was possible to get money, and unfortunately I didn't find a job, actually I have a way to get money, but isn't enough for all we need, if you have a good heart, I will be very thankful if you decide to donate some money, I really don't have anything to offer you back, but if you decide to help me,  that would be something I would be eternally grateful to you, because that will help us very much, honestly, thank you so much.

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