I will create music for your smartphone app

create music for your smartphone app
create music for your smartphone app

About This Gig


About me

My name is Aron Kramer, a 22 year old composer for visual arts based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I've been composing professional jingles and music for quite some time.

I've worked with Emmy award winning actors and have done sound effects for a lot of big projects as well. I'm also active as an audiovisual designer, having won the video contest award at my college. 

About the gig

I work a lot with custom orders these days, so you can always message me and we can figure out how much and what needs to be done from there.

Prices, rates and extra 

  • Prices and rates depend on a lot of factors, like what kind of jingle you are looking for and what it is exactly you need. Don't let this discourage you, though! I'm a nice guy and I'll help you out. Just contact me and we can figure something out that works for both of us!

  • $5 order = song of up to 15 seconds without mastering, exclusive rights and extra's. You'll pay less for longer lengths respectively, though!