I will create 20 Craigslist DRAFTS for you

create 20 Craigslist DRAFTS for you

About This Gig

This gig is for basically big companies are having many craigslist account but it takes time to select following things before you post your ads.
  1. No need to select location.
  2. No need to select category.
  3. No need to select Sub-Category.
  4. No need to write titles or posting body or zip code.
  5. No need to upload images.

I am saving you 5-7 steps which will take your couple minutes to create an ad.

Let's think you have 10 craigslist account and you need 20 drafts for each, which is 200 drafts for you to create and it is going to take couple hours, but no worries. I am here for you as your virtual assistant. I will make your 200 drafts as fast as I can.

Do not forget to submit your craigslist login info along with titles, posting body and images if you have. I will also need to know what area and category you want me to make drafts in.

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