I will fix anything in Asterisk and VoIP

fix anything in Asterisk and VoIP

About This Gig

NEW here, but OLDEST in the Business, 100 + VoIP Projects with Carrier Grade Implementations

ACP (Asterisk Certified Professional), RHCE

I specialize in VOIP, Asterisk Dialplan programming, IVRs, Call Termination Setups, Call Center Setups with predictive dialing, SMS solutions, Telecom Billing, Cisco based Networks for Voice, Linux Servers Administration and Engineering.

- Tremendous exposure to the American telecom market
- Excellent English and Communication Skills
- VoIP Clustering and Redundancy solutions
- Dialers, SMS and Faxing Setups
-Cluster Implementations
-SIP Trunking
-Database real-time Connectivity and Information processing
-Voice codec optimization
-IVR setups
-Custom Contexts and Dialplan programming

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