I will fix anything in Linux

fix anything in Linux

About This Gig

Ø  Troubleshooting day to day Linux Management issues

 Ø  PBX installations and maintenance

Ø  Linux Servers Administration – (Servers : Web Apache/Windows IIS, PostFix Mail, SendMail, FTP with VSFTPD, Asterisk, OpenVPN, MySql, Cron, DNS, TFTP for IP Device Provisioning, Squid Proxy Server, SSH, Samba File Sharing)

 Ø  Implemented Linux as a ROUTER for network security using IP TABLES

Ø  VPN Server Implementation using SSL VPN and Open VPN with Ethernet Bridging and Routing

Ø  In depth knowledge of Linux file system

Ø  Writing shell and bash scripts for application support

Disaster Recovery and System Backup with Cron Jobs

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