I will unwear words for you

unwear words for you
unwear words for you
unwear words for you
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About This Gig

I will write for You article, speech, advertisement, poem, wishes or anything You want using technology of word's evolutions.

You will be surprised of the meaning of words!

I will divide words in funny way

I will uncover hidden words in words

I would play games with words

In my text You will see words reading back & upside down

I would make You rethink

and will touch Your brain in the places You never used!

I will develop Your way of reading & hearing

Open Your eyes again !

Gain our pen YES!

o-PEN y-OUR e-YES aga-IN !

Do You h-EAR with Your EAR?
W-hat You w-EAR?Ou! ...hat ?WY?Beca-use of w-EAT-her ...ohhh Don't You EAT me ...just take her hat! Are You h-ERE?

Knock knock nock Out!

Oh GOD just don't read DOG back :o))


Order Details

1 day delivery

I will uncover words for You

I will write anything You want-just choose the topic

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