I will rewrite your screenplay dialog

rewrite your screenplay dialog

About This Gig

As a professional screenwriter, my strengths are dialog and character development. 
Without great characters - you have no story. You develop these characters through strong and realistic dialog. 
I read hundreds of scripts, provide script doctor services and editing services for several production companies. I excel at creating likable, despicable and memorable characters - through dialog.

For the $5 gig I will rewrite the first five pages... after that...
I can re-write your dialog or actions for $2 per page. (5 pages for $10)  
Just select the number of pages you have and buy that many extra gigs. 

I use Final Draft or Celtx - so make sure to send the file in that format please - no PDF's. 

**Page count based on standard screenplay format**

Order Details

5 days delivery

Dialogue Re-write

Additional pages (after the first 5) are priced at $3 per page So $15 for 5 pages...