I will do OWASP top 10 Security test for your website and Webapp

do OWASP top 10 Security test for your website and Webapp
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About This Gig

Web Application Penetration:
This testing service allows you to discover the risks posed by vulnerabilities in your organization’s Web Applications. Our service provides a thorough identification of OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities, their actual risk level and detailed recommendations to remediate them.

  1. We will test your website against OWASP TOP 10  vulnerabilities to fix the same
  2. Highly experienced professional penetration tester will execute this test
  3. We will do manual and Automated security audit to identify OWASP TOP 10 vulnerabilities 
  4. This test will not applicable for web Applications.

We are also inviting custom requirements.

  • Website security test will take 20 Hours
  • Web application security test will take 40 Hours. 

*We have estimated the hours for Mid Size application only. So depends on your application complexity hours may be increased.

Our best Brisk Infosec
price is $5 per hour.

We are accepting custom requirements.

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