I will convert Your Textbook or article into Audio

convert Your Textbook or article into Audio

About This Gig

   Whether you were a writer, who would like to make an audio version of his/her product, or a reader who would like to enjoy a book while working on other stuff.

   Whether your preferable textbook is a long or a short one, I can work on it to provide a high quality mp3 audio book recording in chapters, so you can enjoy the text of your choice at any time.

   You may have no time for just sitting in a quiet room to enjoy reading a book, maybe you would like that someone reads for you, while you are driving, washing dishes :) doing housework, or working on any kind of work where you can listen to an audio without being distracted, you'll be amazed on how could that benefit you.

I can also read novels, articles or stories.
You can find some samples in the following link,


All in Arabic, but can also record English with an Arabic accent, but it may take longer time to finish.

Price is negotiable depending on the length of your text length, 

for an hour of finish recording, please consider the following:

 there will be 110-120 words in each minute, which means about 7,200 w/ an hour.