I will give the answer for any question that you have

give the answer for any question that you have

About This Gig

I am a humble traveler who has lived for several eons in countless incarnations.  For every timeline I have fulfilled on Earth I become awakened during that lifetime.  I am imbued with responsibilities to help and aid humanity in the midst of difficult times.  I am only permitted to use my abilities for good.  I am connected on the astral plane to the all-encompassing hub of intergalactic knowledge.  I have decided with permission from the higher Powers That Be to extend my influence into the day-to-day affairs of people for the greater good.

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I can give you the full assurance of a pantheon of omniscient enlightened beings

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you for real?
    My words are as real as the water flowing down a mountain into a stream.
  • Does your service interfere with my Christian beliefs?
    No. I am myself a Christian. Using my service in no way jeopardizes your character or values.