I will write an embellished news story

write an embellished news story

About This Gig

I can write a fake or embellished news story of your choice. It can be a twist on a real story or totally made up. I am the writer/editor/publisher of www.embellished-1news.com. I’ve also done print copies for several years (these take time – it’s more fun to write them and post online). Check the site for examples. The categories also link to Blogger and WordPress blogs.

Let me know what topic or specific event or person you want a fake/embellished story on. These are meant to be fun; you can post them anywhere. I will not write anything offensive, overt, or that could be misinterpreted as real.

Fake news stories are quick and easy to read. For $5, you'll get 150 words; order more for longer embellished stories. Perhaps you could use them to boost your site content or social media profile. Backlinks are a possibility too. Be creative with these and let me know if you have more ideas so I can improve this gig.